AMC LOEWS 34th St. – 1.30pm
Friday, October 20th

THIN LINES By Shaan Couture
35 min | Comedy, Romance | USA | 2016
NY Premiere

Film Playing with Feature Film: EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL
Followed by Q&A with Filmmakers


Leah’s life doesn’t seem to have a meaning. As she gets desperate in her search of fulfillment, her life takes a surprising turn. One night, under unexpected and fragile circumstances, Leah’s path crosses Noah’s, a deaf young man. Noah is a cheerful creator. His imagination and confidence engage Leah’s curiosity.

Through their respective passions, Noah’s drawing and Leah’s music, they go beyond their differences and learn about each others’ worlds.

To talk, they use all methods. From body language
to ASL, from lip-reading to eye contact, their urge to communicate brings them closer. As they grow inseparable, they gain consciousness of their connection.


Originally from France, Shaan lived in New York and Montreal before moving to San Diego, CA. With a B.A. in Sociology, and a master in Communication at SDSU (specializing in emotional and non-verbal communication), Shaan has always been passionate about human interactions.

Although she calls Southern California home now, Shaan is a globetrotter. Capturing people’s habits and emotions are her main interests, and she excels when expressing herself through images, whether they are still or moving.

Shaan experiments with a diversity of techniques to portray a story in the most authentic way. She believes that images have the strongest impact in communicating ideas and emotions across borders.

With a background in strategic planning from ad agencies, Shaan co-founded WediaWix in 2011, a film production company that allows her to produce her various projects. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, she directed and produced her first long-feature documentary during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil entitled “All Eyes on Brazil” (broadcasted on French national television). She recently shot and produced a short documentary series for Universal Music France, and aside from her own projects, Shaan also works as an executive producer at Helium Films USA.

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