Advisory Board

Adi Katz-Stein, Producer
Aaron Pierce, Attorney-at-law
Elizabeth Kemp, Actor/Acting Coach
Bruno Chatelin, Executive,
Georges Leclere, International TV Consultant, LGMA
Jacky Ido, Actor/Director/Producer
Jeff Bandman, Managing Principal, Indian Wells Group
John Patrick Shanley, Playwright/Director
Kiki Lambden-Stout, Director/Producer at Mudcat Films
Michael Ruotolo, Financier at BMO Capital Markets
Michel Abramowicz, Cinematographer
Pascal Bonifay, Creative/Composer, Beware Of Dogs
Pascal Chemin, CFF Marketing Manager
Patrick Timsit, Standup Comedian/Actor/Producer/Director
Paul Calderon, Actor/Director
Richard Stein, Screenwriter
Stephen Stout, Financier
Thandeka Zwana, Executive, Film Finances SA
Thembi Mtshali-Jones, Actress/Producer, Spirit Sister Productions
Wissam Chahine, Producer, Orbit Productions

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