Directed by Christophe Agelan
Screenplay by Benoit Pelage, Christophe Agelan, Jean-Michel Loutoby


REGAL 14TH ST. | Friday, October 13th | 8:00 PM
Plays after Short Film WEST OF FRANK
Auditorium 9

Cast: Guillaume Ruffin-Bayardin, Wilfried Lamart, Bruno Henry, Jann Baudry, Valérie Barn, Doraline Garcia, Anne-Lyse Guicheron, Patrick Hierso, Gary Cadenat, Muriel Erdual, Silvère Mothmora

Synopsis: Noël, Joshua, a West Indian cocaine trafficker, is back in Martinique after having organized the supply of the sector in South America. Tikou, his partner and childhood friend, then confesses his weariness. He aspires to change his lifestyle to devote himself to his marriage. While the ambitions of Karl, the chemist, compromise the regularity of Fort-de-France/Paris rotations and the quality of transport, Joshua must – under pressure from the Parisian heads of the network – reorganize his “business”. He is looking to recruit new smugglers. Énelia, a young mule fascinated by money, trains her friend Morgane, a serious and responsible chemist. She leaves her father, Paul, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Paul’s companion, Karine, a determined journalist, leads an investigation into the local network of drug traffickers. All will have to bear the weight of their actions.

Followed by Q&A with Filmmaker & Cast.


Take Part in Chelsea Film Festival.

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