SVA Theatre (Beatrice) – 3:00pm
Sunday, October 18th
Short Film Corner 4

16 min | Drama | United States | 2015
World Premiere
By Migdia Chinea


Two weeks in Hollywood during torrential rains and the people who live there.


Migdia Chinea is an American director, screenwriter, daughter of Joseph Chinea and Mimo Suarez — great granddaughter of Exequiel Suarez, an adventurer/diamond merchant and Eusebia Maimo, a women’s rights advocate. Migdia studied at the UCLA Graduate School of Film – 2012. Her home-made films “anonymous (street meat),” “Kninth Floor” (to be filmed in Doel, Belgium), and “Old Havana and the Great Pimp of San Isidro” have been selected to prestigious festivals worldwide, including Cannes, St. Petersburg (Russia), the Philip K Dick Sci-fi Film Festivals (Lille, New York), and the Polish Film Festival, among others. An Artist in Residence, Migdia has worked in France, Germany and Denmark and has won recognition for her emphasis on character-driven stories. As a WGA member with over 70 produced credits, she was a charter delegate to Sundance, where “The Prince of Old Havana”, based on the life of a famous Cuban politician 1910, is a second-round selection in its screenwriting lab 2016. President of Ciboney Productions, she’s finished shooting psychological horror “Red on Red,” while writing, directing and producing her first full length film “When it Rains.”

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