The 2020 Chelsea Film Festival Virtual Reality Line up includes 5 experiences. Create an account on Film Festival Plus to watch any of these titles from October 15-19, 2020.

24 HOURS IN BASE CAMP By Manne Nyman
7 min | Documentary | Sweden | 2019
Synopsis: Meet the people at the foot of the highest mountain in the world. In the sprawling city of tents that is called Everest Base Camp, you get to meet the climbers who are determined to reach the top of the world for the first time, and those who have worked on the mountain for several years.

BACKSTROKE By Abby Thompson
8 min | Thriller | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A video art series on fear. This piece examines mortality and fear of sudden death.

BOY ZOMBIE By Park So-jin
8 min | Sci-fi, Horror | Korea | 2019
Synopsis: In this future society everyone is a zombie. The boy and the girl go back to the past to overcome the threat of zombies to enter Room 301 back in time.

LUXE SINE By Alex Suber
15 min | Documentary | USA | 2019

14 min | Documentary | Spain | 2020
Synopsis: This experience explores the concept and historical origin behind the Moors and Christians Festival, as well as the acts that compose it.





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