Sunday, October 18th
SVA Theatre (Beatrice) – 9:45am
Sunday, October 18th

97 min | Drama | Switzerland | 2015
US Premiere
Original Title: Das Deckelbad – Die Geschichte der Katharina Walser
By Kuno Bont


The local authorities torment Katharina Walser mercilessly on her farm. The Tannbühler family is also ostracized in the Alpine village, for Katharina does not conform to their idea of propriety, morality and conventions. After her oldest son dies due to a wood-chopping accident, it feels as if the rug has been pulled out from under the Tannbühler’s feet. The maleficent mayor deems it necessary for the authorities to intervene and orders the children to be taken away from the Tannbühlers. Katharina Walser spends a prolonged stay in a psychiatric ward and her husband lands in prison, resulting in hell on earth for everyone concerned.


Kuno Bont, born 1952 lives in Switzerland.
Director, Producer and Autor in film. Owner of the tukan film productions werdenberg (Switzerland).

Take Part in Chelsea Film Festival.

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