Katie Murphy Amphitheatre (FIT) – 12:00pm
Friday, October 16th
Short Film Corner 1

10 min | Documentary | Egypt | 2015
US Premiere
By Mohanad Diab


This documentary film tackles the story of struggle of an Egyptian woman who endured much pain and sufferings to secure an adequate living standard for herself and her family. She managed to engage in these harsh activities usually performed by men. In addition, she excelled in commerce and knitting. A state of joyfulness and hope imposed by Tahra, the main actor, on the viewers… a glimpse in Tahra’s life.


Mohanad Diab – Egyptian director, was born in 1985 in Giza Governorate, holds a master in film and media production and Bachelor of Arts media radio and TV section, and Honorary Doctorate in Film Directing completed post graduate studies in film editing and script writing in the United States of America. This is one of the most prominent director’s independent films Documentary and Short that spread in his generation of young film-makers He work as an anchor for more than satellite television station,At the beginning of 2005 to the present time he directed many of short films and many of documentaries about poverty, youth and development in Egypt during his work in the media sector in the social fund for development also published two books, namely “shame” and “corruption delivery” He also participated in many of the Egyptian, Arab and international film festivals and got many awards and certificates in this field

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