SUGAR! By Shari Berman
81 min | Drama, Music | United States | 2015
Q&A with Robert Clohessy (Series Regular on Blue Bloods)

Katie Murphy Amphitheatre (FIT) – Sunday, October 16th at 3.30PM

Responding to a dare, Leslie (Tony-award winner Alice Ripley), a 50+ Indiana piano teacher secretly forms an all-woman rock band, SUGAR. At the same time, her husband, a conservative Republican, runs for congress. The band quickly goes viral as ‘MILF’ musicians. When her husband (SAG Award Winner Robert Clohessy) and college-bound daughter (Leah Barker) discover the secret, all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, Leslie has a clandestine affair with a younger bartender, and, in confusion regarding her life, almost destroys the band.

Take Part in Chelsea Film Festival.

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