Casiano Roman Hamer is a Brooklyn-based writer/director pursuing an MFA in film and tv at NYU with a BFA from Pratt institute.Raised in a multicultural home, he explores personal identity complexities in his films. He recently directed an original short film Berros as Part Of Your Attention Please and has developed community-oriented programs at NYU grad film. He has worked on the set of empire, assisted in project development for feature films and broadway productions, and completed arduous edits for documentaries. Casiano represents companies and himself through maintaining their message and engagement with the audience. He aspires to inspire dialogue and growth in his community and build a platform for filmmakers of color.


Christina Lilavois is a Haitian-Jamaican high school senior from the bronx with a consistent 90+ average. She has participated in various school clubs and discovered her passion for filmmaking in pre-college programs at purchase and pace University. Lilavois has written, directed, edited and acted in over five short films, some of which have been finalists in film festivals. Her goal is to become a full-time director creating horror, psychological thriller, and drama features. She enjoys writing poetry, reading manga, and spending time with her cat in her free time.


Christopher London is a 26-year-old Haitian/Guyanese African American residing in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Brooklyn college with a major in film production and a minor in tv/radio. Christopher worked as a supervisor at CHDFS, where he built positive relationships with foster children and motivated them to participate in school activities. He currently freelances as a video playback operator for visual alchemy, working on shows like run the world and the blacklist. Christopher’s goal is to create inspiring content for young African Americans to chase their dreams and be remembered as an inspirational role model.


Francisco Solorzano is an award-winning latino actor, writer, and producer. He wrote and starred in the off-Broadway stage adaptation of dog day afternoon, and has been acting, directing, playwriting, and producing theater for over 25 years worldwide. Solorzano has also won awards for his screenwriting, including for the short film cyclone. He has studied with notable institutions such as NYU’s Tisch school of the arts and the actors studio, and holds a BFA in acting from CUNY’s Brooklyn college. Solorzano is the creative director of connected health solutions, inc., where he produces films with marginalized teens. He is also a co-founder of Barefoot Studio Pictures & Barefoot theatrer company.


Tina Tsao is a comedian and writer in NYC, working as a comedy producer’s assistant for tru tv’s impractical jokers and as a show runner’s assistant for comedy central’s Awkwafina is Nora from queens. She performs stand up and live variety across Manhattan and trained as an improviser at the Vancouver theatre sports league. Tsao has made guest appearances on various shows, including the quarantine dating show and JV squad podcast. Recently, she wrote an episode for the web series, interconnected, produced by Chris collins.

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