SVA Theatre (Silas) – 8:15pm
Friday, October 17th

74 min | Comedy, Drama | Germany, Lebanon, Turkey, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Italy, Switzerland | 2014
US Premiere
By Roberto Cuzzillo, Elie Lamah, Mauro Mueller, Sanela Salketic, Ariel Shaban


5 young filmmakers with different cultural backgrounds tell 5 stories of people in various countries and walks of life who meet and overcome, and bring down the inner walls in their lives. The five segments take place in different regions of the world – Germany, the United States, Italy, the Balkans and Turkey – yet they are all, in a smaller or a bigger way, connected to the multicultural center of Berlin- the city where all the filmmakers met each other for the first time. And, then the traveling of the earth which takes place in between the five segments, gives time to reflect between the films and metaphorically it opens up new spaces. Thus, the characters themselves discover a new side and enter a less familiar place. We want to join them on this journey. As, no matter where on Earth we are, we all share the same hopes, fears, dreams.

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