AMC Loews 34th St. – 1:30pm
Sunday, October 22nd

OFF SEASON By Robert Cole
86 min | Drama, Thriller | USA | 2017
NY Premiere


After working for the summer on Martha’s Vineyard, Lena’s plans to return home fall through. A local farmer, Kellen, hires her and she forges relationships with her co-workers, his wife Becca, and his precocious ten-year-old daughter Sadie. At first, Lena’s experiences on the farm are welcoming and she strikes a close relationship with Sadie. However, over time Lena senses that Sadie is troubled. When a co-worker goes missing, Lena presses Sadie for answers only to discover that a killer is amongst them.


Robert Cole has lived in New York for the last ten years. He has worked in film and media in a variety of capacities. Off Season is his first feature.

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