SVA Theatre (Beatrice) – 12:00pm
Friday, October 18th
Short Film Corner 3

15 min | Drama | France | 2014
US Premiere
By Guillaume Cottillard


When a group of friends and family gather to celebrate a wedding, things take an unexpected turn when the groom runs away.
At first there is the usual chaos and stress of any wedding: family members get drunk and pushy, people in the wedding party run late and even the cake is missing.
But soon we realize the groom is having second thoughts. Not because he doesn’t love his bride, but because he hates weddings.
After more stress ensues, he decides to run for the hills. For the bride, this is the final cherry on the cake (which is still missing).


Guillaume Cotillard is a French movie director and screenwriter, born November 6, 1977.
After studying theater at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Orléans (France), from which he graduated with the second prize in 1997, he joined a group of video jockey.
In 2008, he directed his first short film, “The Key Issue,” produced by Magali Films with Guillaume Canet and Anne Marivin. The film, broadcasts by Canal +, was selected in more than twenty French and international film festivals, during which he received numerous awards.
In 2014, he directed his second short film “By Mutual Consent”, produced by Magali Films with Alix Poisson and Yannick Renier.
He is also director of advertising and making off.

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