Best Actress (Toni Belafonte)

SVA Theatre (Beatrice) – 8.45pm
Friday, October 17th

83 min | Drama | USA | 2014
World Premiere
By Jahmar Hill


Antonio (Jahmar Hill) is awakened from a coma; he was in for a year and a half after being shot by his father while trying to break up a domestic dispute between him and his mother. When Antonio wakes up he learns that his father who then committed suicide by shooting himself murdered his mother. With nowhere to go or a place to call home, Antonio turns to the cold streets of New York to find refuge and shelter. Antonio becomes the night shining armor to a stranger, Vanessa (Toni Belafonte) when he steps in to defend her from her abusive boyfriend, Streetz (Talli Clemons). From two different worlds Antonio and Vanessa develop a friendship that turns into a romance. After Vanessa learns of his shortcomings she does everything she is able to do to help him regain his composure and get back on his feet. What seems to develop into a happy ending with Streetz out of the picture soon backfires when he returns with a vengeance to kill. Antonio is devoted to loving and protecting Vanessa, and Streetz wants nothing more than to pay both of them back for his pierced pride. Last Love Lost is the story of how love conquers everything and how hate is the root of all misery’s existence.

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