JESSICA By Scott Foley
81 min | Drama | United States | 2015

CINEPOLIS CHELSEA – Saturday, October 15th at 9.30PM

Q&A with lead actress Maya Boudreau and supporting actress Alexis Carmody (who’s only 12 years old)

Jessica’s boyfriend is moving out. Her best friend is about to land a better job. But Jessica, so far, is going nowhere.

As she goes through the motions—waitressing, partying, teaching the little neighbor girl ballet—her father comes back into her life with a new family and an old drinking problem. Skipping town, Jessica drives home to mom, only to be confronted by a house full of reminders of how little her life has progressed since she moved away. As her family and friends continue to move ahead, the pressure builds and Jessica begins to lash out. Can she figure out her next move before she’s left behind?

With compassion, humor, and a breakout performance from Boudreau, Jessica asks whether coming-of-age can ever come too late.

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