AMC Loews 34th St. – 6:30pm
Saturday, October 21st

10 min | Drama | Canada | 2016
US Premiere
By Lella Satie


A young boy caught between two conflicting worlds and values he must make sense of. “Father” depicts a story of a universal theme of childhood struggles. It’s a story seen through the eyes of a young boy.


Lella Satie is the writer, director and executive producer of “Father”. Prior to writing the short film “Father” Lella gained praise for her script of the one-woman-show about Frida Kahlo that she also produced and acted in. The show had outstanding reviews and was staged in New York’s Theatre District under the direction of Susan Batson.

After the show Lella was entrusted by Susan to tutor fellow actors. This task further developed her directing skills. While in New York, Lella worked as an actress and trained with the great master and acting coach Susan Batson. Lella’s training includes work with Elizabeth Kemp, Acting For Film at the Prague Film School and Film Studies degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Lella has worked with various directors on film and in theatre productions in Europe and North America. In “Father” Lella merges her talents and creativity as a writer and director.

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