Best Screenplay | Nomination for the Grand Prix

SVA Theatre (Beatrice) – 6:15 pm
Friday, October 17th

110 min | Drama | Japan | 2014
World Premiere
By Jumpei Matsumoto


Keito and Saeki were dragged into a group rape incident when they were small. Carrying the trauma of what they experienced, the two boys meet each other again, leading them to another incident. The night they met, Keito finds a familiar woman killed in his room. In the police investigation Keito was asked, “You know Yuichi Saeki right? Now he is under an arrest warrant as suspect. “The horribly memory curses Keito and he rejects any body touch as a filthy act and it curses Saeiki to be addicted to violent act. This one murder incident reveals the boys’ life and what they hid deep within them… leading us to the shocking truth. What does “EMBERS… the last life” really mean? Can they find hope through the edge of despair?
The moving mystery now starts.

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