SVA Theatre (Silas) – 12:00pm
Sunday, October 18th
Short Film Corner 3

14 min | Drama, War | United States | 2014
US Premiere
By Oliver Handlos


Marc, a currently unemployed marketing professional, kills his time with fishing the suburban beaches. One day he only accidentally hooks some dump – an orange shirt. Back home he wants to throw the shirt into the bin, when he realizes that there is something special about the shirt. It’s a prisoner uniform.


Director, Writer Oliver Handlos.
Born in Germany, Oliver Handlos lives back and forth in Berlin and in New York. He has a master in journalism and biology. Currently he works as a Creative Director, Writer in advertising. This year he won at the Cannes Advertising Festival the Grand Prix for an audio-visual memorial
remembering the victims of the Berlin Wall. A New York Times story of April 14, 2013 about Samir Moqbel, an inmate of Guantanamo, inspired him for the short movie DUMP.

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