The Chelsea Film Festival 8th annual edition presented 130 Films from 18 countries. The Official line up included 104 U.S. and foreign short films showcased on Film Festival Plus from October 15-25, 2020.


19 min | Comedy, Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: In the strenuous world of children’s party entertainment, an overly positive and well-meaning “princess” must win over a practical writer who is doing a story on female role models.

1 BLOCK By Jordan Cody Brandon
6 min | Drama, LGBTQ | 2019 | USA
Synopsis: After an argument at a diner where Darryl works as a cook, he feels angry and disappointed, and it’s anyone’s guess how he will react when a wealthy socialite crosses his path during a midnight encounter.

36 HOURS IN NEW YORK By Alberto Fabbretti
12 min | Drama, Crime | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Julia and Alexis are pretty girls, but their records aren’t so clean. They used to work for one of the most power criminals in New York, Roger Kogan. Three years ago they were carrying out a robbery for him, but someone betrayed them. Julia and Alexis got arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison. They collaborated with the police, naming Roger Kogan, who is now on the ten most wanted list. Because of their cooperation Julia and Alexis were released to have to serving three years in prison. During this time they never saw each other. Now Roger Kogan is seeking revenge.

A GIRL NAMED MARA By Jaime Zevallos
14 min | Drama, Mystery | 2020 | USA
Synopsis: An aspiring vigilante embarks on a quest to find an innocent suspect.

9 min | Drama, Comedy | 2020 | USA
Synopsis: Fueled by an excess of bachelorette-party-energy, two best friends discuss the rules of relationships and why the heck we follow them.

A NEW CHAPTER By Susanna Wolk
10 min | Drama | 2019 | USA
Synopsis: Tensions reach a boiling point when an overbearing mother visits her postpartum daughter.

A NEW PRESENT By Marieke Niestadt
20 min | Drama, Sci-Fi | 2020 | Netherlands
Synopsis: After a life-changing accident, a father’s undying love drives him to achieve the impossible.

A RISING STAR By Jamel Zaouche
20 min | Comedy, Drama | France | 2019
Synopsis: A young girl with a strong character, grows up in the hood in a dysfunctional family, with her depressive father and delinquent brother. She finds an outlet in fighting video games, a predominantly male universe. With the support of her friends, she competes in a tournament against the best players in the world in hopes of taking home the win and making a fresh start.

ALI’S CIRCLE By Antoine Beauvois-Boetti
15 min | Drama | France, Uzbekistan | 2019
Synopsis: In a migrants’ reception centre, Salman, a 22-year-old Afghan, prepares for his hearing at the CNDA (National Court for Asylum), forcing him to recall his first and only match of buzkashi, Afghanistan’s national sport.

11 min | Drama, Action | France | 2020
Synopsis: Son of a slave, Boxer, hero of Verdun… Discover the epic life of the first African-American fighter pilot in history.

AT THE TIME By Nathan Johnson
10 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: “At the Time” follows an individual’s relationship with addiction and the internal struggle that is yoked with that relationship. It is inspired by a loved one’s personal story of what they had experienced, at the time when they were at their deepest struggle.

BACKBEAT By Martin Blank
3 min | Romance, Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Beth, practical, and River, impractical, struggle with their differences as they travel though life’s rites of passage.

BEAUTY BOYS By Florent Gouelou
18 min | Drama, LGBTQ | 2019 | France
Synopsis: In a small village, Leo, 17 years old, has a strong taste for make-up. His big brother, Jules, who fears to be laughed at, stands against his passion. On the night of the village “open theater” event, against Jules’ advice, Léo walks the stage dressed up in full drag.

BIG NEWS By Tim Shelburne
9 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A hopeful woman shares the biggest news of her life with her father as a last attempt to repair their dysfunctional relationship.

BLOOD AND GLORY By Satinder Kaur
12 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Two homeless, female veterans’ friendship is tested when they confront adversity, discrimination, and even mother nature itself in their attempt to find work and get through the day.

BUILD-A-BABY By Chelsea Laufer
9 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: In the near future, where parents can genetically “design” their children, a couple wrestles with the cost of having the perfect baby.

9 min | Drama, Coming of Age | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Two siblings have a cross country conversation that includes pictures from their parents’ past that proves to be a powerful walk, for all of us, down memory lane.

10 min | Animation | France | 2019
Synopsis: Bernard Lepique is the CEO of “Quasi”, a company specializing in the production of half-bio, half-antibiotic chickens. Today Bernard is launching its new kind of chicken, but everything does not go as planned…

CHLOE By Martina Savoca-Guay
7 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Accidentally left at home by herself, a young girl goes on an adventure and finds that the city isn’t such a scary place after all.

20 min | Drama | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: After the death of her husband, Carol is faced with raising her twin daughters alone and navigating the aftermath of tragedy. One daughter sees the world through the eyes of an elitist, while the other sees the world as a defeatist. Their journeys will be as life changing as the death that set them on this unexpected and heartbreaking course.

6 min | Comedy, Romance | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Sheila and Ben are not at the same place in their relationship. Sheila is at the stage of planning a future and sharing all her inner thoughts and feelings; and Ben hasn’t thought about dessert yet.

CYCLONE By Austin Tsung-Fu Chang
12 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Star crossed lovers reunite only to have their past resurface, igniting the pain that tore them apart. Featuring a predominantly LATINX cast, this story, set entirely in Coney Island, Brooklyn New York touches on the issue of sexual consent within a relationship, communication or lack thereof and the ultimate question of forgiveness.

D’URN IT! By Joseph A. Eulo
15 min | Comedy, Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Mortimer has died and it is time to read his will. His wife, ex-wife and sister, long-time adversaries, are brought together for this momentous occasion. What they didn’t expect was to join forces in a contest filled with absurd revelations and real life consequences.

DAME By Foster Wilson
8 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: A lost and grieving Elizabeth returns to work and courageously delivers one of the greatest performances of her life.

DAYBREAK By Eric Whitten
19 min | Dramedy, Thriller | USA | 2019
Synopsis: The plans of an innocent and gullible man to reconcile with his estranged son are thwarted when he becomes an unwitting accomplice in an international plot to take down the Vatican Bank.

DEATHLESS By Jenna Kanell, Katie Carpenter
11 min | Drama, Action | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Three thieves descend on a farm in search of “The Living Sisters,” twin girls and the only human births since “The Crash,” a day when people stopped dying, growing, or getting pregnant.

DTRAIN By Yudelka Hayer
15 min | Drama, Comedy, Romance | United States | 2019
Synopsis: Alberto, a musician who visits the City of New York, meets Lucinda on the subway. They connected and she gives him her number, but he forgets the last digit and has to create several combinations to find her.

DISPLACED By Mojdeh Ghanbri
11 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Right before her first pro fight, Syrian refugee Ameera is confronted by her intolerant father.

DO U FOR U By Patricia Gloum
4 min | Music | USA | 2020
Synopsis: This short dance film will inspire those in hope of a unified brighter future. Robert and Jazmin are two dancers, one is a 20-year-old New Yorker, very tall beautiful male coming from tough childhood. He is an aspiring ballet dancer who went to Julliard. Jazmin, tiny incredible yogi and dancer from Mexico had to leave New York due to tough circumstances. This film shows how all cultures can unite, despite their differences.

DO: XYZ By Myles Evans
12 min | Crime, Romance | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Wrapped up in a life of organized crime, Zoa, “Z”, struggles to balance romance and dealing with the fact that she failed to protect her younger sister, Yasmin from the trenches of a corrupt system for misplaced juveniles.

4 min | Sci-Fi, Fantasy | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Beyond our known time space the human being discovered the sacred code that made them immortal, covering with obscurity their days for ever…

EL CAVIL By Evgeniya Radilova
6 min | Comedy | USA | 2020
Synopsis: “El Cavil” is about a man who loves his work as a shoe shiner, more than anything in this world. He believes in the old tradition, that if you have a shine on your shoes there is a melody in your heart. Unfortunately for El Cavil, people are just too busy to acknowledge him or their shoes. With this very special story we wanted to raise awareness of the struggle that homeless people go through every day and we wanted to show that may of them could be a valuable contributor to society if they only got the opportunity.

ELEANOR By Natalie Schwan
3 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: In 1910, two young immigrants find themselves alone and separated from their families at Ellis Island.

23 min | Drama, Thriller | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Esther, a film composer going through a dry spell, moves in with her boyfriend Michael only to find out that he still keeps his ex-girlfriend’s belongings in his closet. What follows is an emotional roller coaster of a film exploring the great lengths an artist chooses to go to for the sake of inspiration.

EXT By Adrian Bobb
9 min | Drama, Sci-Fi | USA | 2019
Synopsis: 200 years after humanity has abandoned the real world for a digital one, the system’s most talented security agent is forced out of retirement to recruit and lead a team of talented warriors to eliminate a threat from a world no one has seen for centuries. The real world.

FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. WINSTON By André Vauthey, Matthew Gerrish
19 min | Drama, Romance | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A songwriter, while struggling to write his next album, is visited by an unlikely character that helps him continue.

GABRIELLE By Nicola Rose
13 min | Comedy, Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: When 13-year-old Gabrielle signs up for ballet, she encounters bullying from her teacher — and true friendship where she least expects it. A story about overcoming bullying, body image, friendship and knowing your worth.

GIRL BOXER By Lauren McCann
20 min | Action, Crime | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A hard-up-single-mother and former boxer, is lured by the Irish mob into an underground boxing match where questions of right and wrong are challenged when the love of family is concerned.

7 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: One woman’s journey through her day. The drive of her agenda, her struggle to keep up, and the blindness that can cause to the beautiful connections made along the way.

11 min | Comedy | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A family from out of town visits their daughter. She’s having a great time in New York, and tells them ALL about it… One person’s ecstasy can become another person’s nightmare.

HIGH SCORE By Serena Ryen & Ethan Itzkow
16 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: After a young man is fired from his job as a result of his casually offensive behavior, he finds the perfect people to blame: minorities. Newly inspired by the white supremacist ideology of the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory, we watch as he sinks into the darkest pits of the internet and takes the ideas he finds there as his own…

HOLY BATH By Bruno Saraiva
20 min | Drama, Thriller | Portugal | 2019
Synopsis: When faced with his brother’s terrible fate, João finds a way to escape and cut ties with the cult to which his family belongs. Although haunted by the secret he carries with him and the crisis of faith he faces, João has only one goal: to save his brother and to hide from him the cold reality of the world in which they live.

I DON’T THINK SO By Jorge Abreu Jr.
14 min | Drama, Thriller | USA | 2019
Synopsis: On a night that was supposed to be fun and games, for Brian and Mark this Halloween night’s scares becomes more real than the two friends expected.

IF I TOLD YOU By Dominique Nieves
4 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: When you’re as spontaneous and courageous as Vera, you have plenty of incredible stories to tell, but her most life-altering story proves the most difficult to believe.

IN ORBIT By Katie McNeice
17 min | Drama, LGBTQ | Ireland | 2019
Synopsis: There was once an invisible optician, trapped in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently.

IN THE STILL NIGHT By Jean-Baptiste Braud
16 min | Drama, Comedy | France | 2019
Synopsis: Heartbroken, Matthew, an American art curator, wanders daydreaming through a maze of artworks in his hotel in Tokyo. That is, until he has a surreal encounter.

3 min | Romance | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Two lonely neighbors share a brief moment of connection.

15 min | Dramedy | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Introvert’s Guide to Activism is a short, dark comedy about three roommates navigating the aftermath of the 2016 election. In a time when New York City is split between rushing into the streets, screaming into the void, or openly weeping on the subway, Lilly, Jane, and Amir try to save the country in their own ways. The problem? Social justice involves dealing with other people.

JANET By Wendi Tang
11 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Stuck in a broken marriage, a desperate middle-aged woman must confront her rebellious daughter and convince her to continue school.

JEW(ISH) By Rachel Eddy, Bobby Eddy
17 min | Comedy | USA | 2020
Synopsis: jew(ish) is a dark comedy about a brother and sister who go on a search for the afikomen during their family Passover Seder, but find instead a sinister secret.

JO By Natalie Schwan
2 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: An aspiring author takes a challenging meeting with a book publisher.

19 min | Drama | Japan | 2020
Synopsis: OFUKU has been living for 369 years because she searches for her mother who got separated in the Great Fire of Meireki during the Edo period. His mother’s last words during the fire were: “OFUKU, you must live, for we shall meet again.” And so, believing those words, she continued to search for her mother. Like herself, on her search for her mother, OFUKU helps and saves people in despair – people who struggle to look for lost precious ones.

LA K-Z By Enricka MH
14 min | Drama | Martinique, France | 2019
Synopsis: Moussa a young boxer has a crush on Sanaa a girl from his neighborhood. Following the advice of Mathieu his friend, he decides to learn a mysterious discipline that could help him seduce her: La K-Z.

LAVANDE By Alexandra Naoum
13 min | Drama | France | 2019
Synopsis: Sara is spending her summer at Daniel and Annies’s small lavender production. The couple lives with their nephew Victor who is immersed in a deep mutism. Lavender tells the encounter of these two teenagers completely poles apart but that a family secret will soon unite.

LEGIT By Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Thomas Kohut
15 min | Comedy, Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: The story of Kathleen Oakmont’s struggle to be the top executive of the oldest profession in the in the city that never sleeps. A trusted confidant of her clients, Madam Kat, knows how to run a good business, yet an upcoming election set to legalize prostitution threatens her security. Times are changing and everyone is coming out of the woodwork, including Kathleen’s rival, Georgie Dean. All the characters come out to play, sides are swapped, and needs are satiated, as the underbelly of New York is shown at its strongest in this dark comedy.

LESS By Sam Ramirez
11 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: A short film based on the inner battles, brought to life, that a person faces when being attacked by depression. The past, present and future can be heavy and make you feel like you’re bound. The protagonist has to plead for his freedom, to be free.

18 min | Comedy | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A mother and daughter navigate the world of online dating together.

13 min | Drama, Romance | United Kingdom, France | 2019
Synopsis: Lea is an artist from an Eastern European Jewish family. Djamil is а young man from the Middle East. They accidentally meet in Paris and fall in love. Their story is filled with passion, romance, and profound tenderness, but it cannot last long as they choose family traditions over their own happiness. Being apart is unbelievable, but will they change their mind if one day they have a second chance? One day, when they accidentally spot each other in a dark cinema hall.

LOOK AT ME (MÍRAME) By Juan Andres Mateos, Pere March
12 min | Drama | Spain | 2019
Synopsis: An evening between four friends. Good atmosphere. The night passes between laughs and drinks. Finally the hosts are left alone. The terrible secret comes to light. Maybe it’s time to make the decision.

MARTY’S CALLING By Toni de Palma
10 min | Comedy | USA | 2020
Synopsis: An Italian grandmother takes to Twitter to get her grandson a job in the film industry.

19 min | Thriller | USA | 2020
Synopsis: A young sketch artist visits a well renowned psychiatrist as his life begins sprawling out of control after years of physical and verbal abuse have taken a toll on him.

MISFIT M. By Austin Ball, Sarah Hempinstal
14 min | Drama, Thriller | Canada | 2019
Synopsis: Who can you trust when you’re the most famous woman in the world? The year is 1961. The woman is Marilyn Monroe. The words are her own.

MOM’S DAY OFF By David Ebert
9 min | Comedy | USA | 2019
Synopsis: When two exhausted new moms meet up for a day of relaxation, a salon offers them a surreal and fantastical back room experience that individually caters to their deepest needs and fantasies.

20 min | Drama, Thriller | USA | 2019
Synopsis: After the tragic loss of her son, Cheryl, a grieving mother, adopts a new philosophy, one that changes her outlook on life and grief. One where suffering has become a dear friend… that must be shared.

15 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A quirky comedy about a dysfunctional family who struggle to give their oddball father a fitting funeral despite the difficulties presented by their obnoxious stepmother.

NOW YOU SEE US By Romina Schwedler
11 min | Comedy | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A COMING OF a certain AGE STORY! Two actresses “of a certain age” compete fiercely for a role in a TV commercial, but as their audition approaches, the lifelong rivals discover that they are in t

OLD BLUE EYES By Christian J. Parkinson
18 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Frank Sinatra is retiring from show business. He’ll play one last show at the Hoboken Town Hall before hanging up the mic and putting it all behind him. Or so he says… Based on a true story, “OLD BLUE EYES” is a film that explores the life of MICKEY, a man with early on-set Alzheimers and his newfound friendship with CHARLIE – a bartender who’s new in town.

PANDEMIC ZOOM By Julianna Pitt
7 min | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Mid-Pandemic in a quarantined world, bureaucracy must continue, and a Gen-Z teen daughter aids her Judge mother in settling a lovers dispute in Small Claims Court. (Passes Bechdel test)

PEOPLE LIKE YOU By Blake Winston Rice
17 min | Drama, Thriller | USA | 2019
Synopsis: In this thrilling tribute to the iconic melodramas of Old Hollywood, a socialite and an underdog are drawn into the cover-up of a Beverly Hills murder, each afraid to incriminate themselves and uncertain of the other’s innocence.

POSTAL By Naaji Adzimah
5 min | Comedy | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Based on a true story, “Postal” is set in one of the few places that we’re all forced to face each other. A film on mental illness, and the madness of those who don’t understand.

RIZO By Jeanette Dilone
15 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: An Afro-Latina struggles with her identity as she navigates the Hollywood machine.

9 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: John throws a party the day he has to self-surrender to the federal prison system.

20 min | Drama, Comedy | France | 2019
Synopsis: Manu lives in a dictatorship of happiness, a world of constant well-being, where sadness is strictly prohibited. But his heart has been broken, and acting happy is becoming increasingly complicated. One night, Lisa, a black marketeer offers him something that can only be found under the table: mournful and gloomy music…

SMOKING WET By Michael Hilf
20 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: When funeral director Lois Yerdun accidentally takes the drug ecstasy her world is completely turned upside-down, as she is alone at the funeral home, and forced to supervise a funeral. The unintended results are life changing as we go for the ride with her in this hilarious 20 min comedy.

STREETSIDE FLOWER By Robert Anthony Agard
16 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Streetside Flower is a film about a ‘not so young anymore’ aspiring artist who realizes he is becoming his worst fear – an unsuccessful, unknown painter. Living in a city he can no longer afford, working a dead-end restaurant job, and in debt up to his neck due to college loans and a master’s degree in studio arts – Luke Best just turned 30. A dream opportunity arises that can solve all Luke’s problems. When what seems like this last hope falls short, he’s inspired to drop everything and bet on himself.

TESTIFY By Sasha Krane
6 min | Drama, Crime | USA | 2019
Synopsis: In the wake of a college campus rape, a South African attorney struggles to prepare her client for the ruthless cross examination that she will endure on the stand.

THE BEAST By Luke Howe
13 min | Comedy, Fantasy | United Kingdom | 2020
Synopsis: An off-beat, modern-day fairy tale centered on a lonesome beast as he struggles to navigate a shallow dating world.

6 min | Comedy | USA | 2019
Synopsis: When a timid, midwestern boy decides to propose to his girlfriend, he has to go through her immigrant, Chinese mother first.

14 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Margo, Dan, Jordan, and Lizzy visit grandmother Ruth for Passover. Later that night, Lizzy finds Ruth watching a midnight news story about Anne Frank’s death. Lizzy then confesses to have known a related secret for years and Ruth is left with some explaining to do.

THE CEREMONY By Jeremy Stewart
7 min | Thriller, Horror | USA | 2019
Synopsis: When Emmy arrives early for a birthday dinner, she is lured into taking part in a lavish ritual one last time.

THE DINE-N-DASH DATER By Quinn Cavin, Ryan Cairns
14 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: A true-ish story on the perils of online relationships.

THE JOURNEYMAN By Pamela Perrine
11 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Driven by the desire to be reunited with her son, a mother struggling with mental illness finds the courage to make the bravest decision of her life- whether or not to take her own life.

THE LONG COMMUTE By Miguel Garzón Martínez
18 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A workaholic businessman attempting to reconnect with his estranged father discovers that time is unforgiving.

THE SECRET By Michael Ruotolo
7 min | Crime, Mystery | USA | 2020
Synopsis: A woman is encountered by someone from her past, that may soon change her destiny.

THE SHALLOW END By Cynthia Silver
10 min | Comedy, Coming of Age | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A group of teenaged girls jockey for power in the savage summer society of a community swimming pool during the summer of 1984.

THE TRESPASSED By Michelle Bossy
13 min | Western | USA | 2019
Synopsis: The Trespassed is a Modern Western that tracks a high-stakes borderland standoff. When vigilante border patrolman Andrew encounters liberal activist Mona in a remote desert crossing, each must test the boundaries of their loyalties and personal beliefs.

20 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: “Where wilt thou lead me? Speak; I’ll go no further.” A Ghost cries through the wind. The Prince of Denmark pursues the truth about his Father’s demise as his Uncle takes the throne. A cinematic adaption of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

19 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Margaret is about to be initiated into a modern coven. When things – inevitably – start to go wrong, however, the witchy influencers find that they are no match for the actual supernatural.

13 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A middle school student is forced to move schools after horrific bullying, despite processing grief and making a huge transition she’s able to clear the way for a brighter future. (Based On A True Story)

5 min | Comedy | USA | 2019
Synopsis: “Three Minutes To Go” explores that awkward inner-dialogue that goes on inside a guy’s head minutes before a Tinder Date.

TOKYO HUES By Kazu Okuda
7 min | Romance, Drama | USA, Japan | 2019
Synopsis: A lonely girl with a fresh broken heart wanders into parts of Tokyo to discover freedom and hidden dwellings. She discovers her emotions and realizes she is still chasing her lover’s past.

TRIBE By Hamza Zaman
12 min | Sci-Fi, Thriller | USA | 2020
Synopsis: A survivor finds that the locals are not so friendly as he desperately tries to make his way.

TWO SPIES By Jesse Feldberg
3 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: An American spy and an East German Stasi agent rendezvous for cocktails to exchange information, banter, and wits. The American is trying to persuade the Stasi agent on giving her information about a fellow comrade that has been captured by the Russians.

UNCOVERED By Eleni Efstratiades
5 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Uncovered is about a female anti-hero disgusted by societies inability to stop rape culture and get justice for victims. So she takes matters into her own hands.

UNICORNS By Candice Carella
15 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: When Elise hits rock bottom, her mentor Marlon suggests she connect with Jonah, a teenaged boy battling severe depression of his own. What begins as a forced conversation turns into a genuine, even life-saving connection, as Jonah and Elise each turn out to be the sign the other was looking for.

VIDA MIA By Melissa Espinosa
7 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: A psychological drama about an abused woman as she suffers an emotional breakdown and finds her inner strength.

WATCH OUT By Leonel Severino
5 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Two agents finishes a mission. Ready to get home to their family something goes terribly wrong. But what happen? We shall find out soon enough!

WILL BE BOYS By Brit Bucklee
6 min | Drama, Coming of Age | USA | 2019
Synopsis: While on a family retreat at the beach, a gentle and sheltered teenage boy is forced to examine his masculinity against that of his confident and virile cousin. Over the course of a day, their opposite personalities clash and reach a tipping point.

ZANMI By Nadia Charlery
10 min | Drama | Martinique, France | 2019
Synopsis: New Year’s Eve, 2019, Martinique. Like every year at this time, Alex and Samuel share a moment with family and friends. As every year, laughter flies to the rhythm of the Champagne bottles opening but between teasing and good-natured play, who will still be at the table to hear the twelve strokes of midnight?

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