The Chelsea Film Festival 8th annual edition presented 130 Films from 18 countries. The Official line up included 12 US and Foreign Feature Films showcased on Film Festival Plus from October 15-25, 2020.


A CASE OF BLUE By Dana H. Glazer
80 min | Drama, Romance | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Recently retired Richard Flicker attends a life-drawing class and encounters free-spirited Amelia, the spitting image of a long lost love from decades ago. Grappling with a troubled home front, Richard flirts with the temptation of this second chance at romance.

89 min | Drama, Sci-Fi | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Emily is a struggling screenwriter who works in an ice cream shop. Emma, the lead character in Emily’s screenplay, is a struggling screenwriter who is also secretly “Emmageddon” – a superheroine with the impeccable social graces of a Jane Austen protagonist. Now, Emmageddon must confront Darius, gelato shop owner and art-destroying supervillain, to save all struggling artists everywhere in the universe.

CELESTE By Ben Hackworth
90 min | Drama | Australia | 2019
Synopsis: Hidden from the world at a crumbling estate in lush tropical Far North Queensland, Celeste anxiously reaches out to Jack, her late husband’s son, inviting him to return to the languid, sprawling family home for her much-anticipated recital. Jack’s reappearance after a long absence stirs up unsettling memories, pulling them both into a mutually precarious orbit.

90 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A young mother’s “American Dream” turns into a living nightmare, until she finds the inner strength to listen to a voice she hadn’t heard before: her own.

GREYSCALE By Yaniel Paulino
75 min | Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: A horrific accident causes Alex to become color blind, forcing her to deter away from a life of abstract colors and perfected hues.

HIVE By Eylem Kaftan
90 min | Drama | Turkey | 2019
Synopis: Before she dies, Ayşe’s mother tells her that she will leave Ayşe her much loved bee hives to manage. Ayşe’s modern life has moved her away from the mountains of her childhood – a life in which the bees and their honey were central.

I HEARD SARAH By Kymberly Harris
80 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Ian Ford is a troubled rock star who has just snuck out of his court mandated rehab and is on a mission to get back to his hometown. His desperation and inner turmoil leads him to track down his best friend to finally confront the deep secret that fractured their relationship years ago. His survival hangs in the balance as he attempts to finally face his fears and guilt and find a path to recovery.

LOVE IS NOT LOVE By Stephen Keep Mills
94 min | Drama, Romance | USA | 2020
Synopsis: Early December, New York City, and everyone is on the hunt for love. Why? Because they haven’t found it and because they haven’t found it, they make it into a myth and chase the myth instead. That is not love in this romantic drama of fantasy, fate, and yearning.

MY LAST BEST FRIEND By Filippo M. Prandi
85 min | Drama | USA | 2020
Synopsis: “My Last Best Friend” is a story that revolves around two identical-looking main characters: Walter and the Nameless Protagonist. The two men, both living together under the same roof, take turns leaving the house, apparently sharing the same life; Walter’s life. The Nameless Protagonist has an unspeakable secret, hidden in his past; a secret that will be revealed by the female lead, Sara Rennard, former Prosecutor, now host of the TV Program “The Legal Hour with Sara Rennard”.

MYTH By Brian DiLorenzo
88 min | Dramedy, Thriller | US | 2019
Synopsis: Lonely college student Alex encounters his favorite filmmaker, JP Smith, stalking around his sleepy town in Upstate, New York. Together they form a precarious relationship, with Alex becoming the star of JP’s latest flick: a lo-fi, vérité depiction of Alex’s life, where the line between reality and fiction slowly becomes obliterated.

SOUNDTRACK TO SIXTEEN By Hillary Shakespeare
83 min | Comedy, Drama | 2019 | United Kingdom
Synopsis: A coming of age story of a boy and girl growing up in London in the 2000s, dealing with the everyday insecurities that make your world implode at sixteen.

84 min | Romance, Drama | USA | 2019
Synopsis: Over the course of one very long night and Christmas party, three college couples must sort out their tangled love lives before the semester ends. A deceptively simple ensemble movie told in non-linear order. This film is the feature directorial debut of Julian Carlo Santos and stars Samantha Brooks, granddaughter of Mel Brooks, in her first lead role in a feature film.

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