Katie Murphy Amphitheatre (FIT) – 12:00pm
Friday, October 16th
Short Film Corner 1

13 min | Drama | France | 2015
US Premiere
By Nicolas Khamsopha


Gael escapes from prison to visit his mother’s grave. Through this escapade, he enters a journey towards forgiveness and redemption, both from his family and from himself.


Born in April 27th 1993, Nicolas Khamsopha is a director, video editor, graphic designer and photographer.

He started learning video editing, graphic design and photography at the age of 16. A couple of years later, he worked as an editor and director for Vitamin Water, Campus Comedy Tour, Festival du Rire and other brands in event through a production company as HVH FILMS.

At the age of 20 years old, wishing to get into the movie business and independently, he wrote and directed his first movie untitled “Jusqu’à La Dernière Seconde”, a documentary about young football players. This movie was selected at “Festival de Cannes 2014” in Short Film Corner category.

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