SVA Theatre (Beatrice) – 12:00pm
Friday, October 18th
Short Film Corner 3

9 min | Drama | Belgium | 2014
US Premiere
By Koen Van Sande


‘Research’ is a short film about the tension between two realms: the mundane and the sublime. How do we recover our meta-consciousness in order to justify our existence in a postmodern, hyperreal society that has strict social requisites? The film delves into an individuals’ conflict between a perfectly organised, successful, everyday reality and his urge to find a higher awareness in the all-over state of
his decent human life.
Roman (33), a neat man, lives in a white, clean loft, typical for big cities. He is dedicated and loving towards his wife Jenny (31) and his baby son. Everything runs perfectly. But Roman
has set his mind on his ‘research’ today.


Koen Van Sande (RITS, Brussels 1999 director+post graduate screenwriting) first short ‘WES’ (1998). Director and producer TV fiction and reality. Recently he decided to return to the big screen with his new shorts ‘RESEARCH’ (2014) and ‘BARST’ (2015) as a preparation for his first feature film.

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