(Silas) – 12:00pm
Friday, October 16th
Short Film Corner 1

8 min | Drama | United States | 2014
NY Premiere
By Christopher Leps


It’s a day like any other. A cafe bustles with activity; the perfect environment for an impassioned artist to find inspiration. And like so many days before, the girl of his dreams is only a few tables away. However, on this day, our artist finds the fortitude to turn the dream into reality… but the outcome is not at all what he expects. “Be careful what you set your heart on, for it will surely be yours.”


For over twenty years, Christopher Leps has played an active role in cinema. His diverse career started at the Walt Disney Company in 1989, but his zeal for motion pictures began long before then; sparked by the movies of his childhood. His passion for film, combined with his athletic background, led Chris to stunt performances in over 140 episodes of television and more than 30 feature films. A member of SAG-AFTRA and the AFI, Chris is a Screen Actors Guild Award nominee and winner, in recognition of his performances in both television and film. As a filmmaker, Chris has written, produced, directed, and edited a variety of projects, including Golden Trailer Awards nominee – Shadow, Best Documentary winners – Ed & Vern’s Rock Store and Century of Light, and short films – Amy & Elliot, Wholehearted, Muse, and most recently, Testing.

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