SVA Theatre (Silas) – 8:15pm
Friday, October 16th

94 min | Comedy | Belgium | 2014
US Premiere
By Kadir Balci


SIBEL KOÇ (26) is a young, divorced Flemish woman from Turkish parents. After a stormy romance she will marry JURGEN VINDEVOGEL, a young man of good Flemish stock. Their wedding day must be the most beautiful day of their lives.
Maybe Sibel shouldn’t have lied to her mother GÜL and told her that Jurgen was circumcised. Maybe Jurgen shouldn’t have told his ex-girlfriend CYNTHIA that it was okay for her to attend the party. Perhaps Sibel’s younger brother ERAY shouldn’t have filmed their messy bachelor’s nights. Maybe Jurgen’s dad HARRY shouldn’t have brought all the bottles of Raki to his in-laws. And maybe Sibel should have listened to her older brother KEMAL’s misgivings about the whole affair. Perhaps the fight could have been avoided then….
Will Sibel and Jurgen’s love be strong enough for them to survive their families, their wedding party and their own petty prejudices?
MARRY ME is Belgian helmer KADIR BALCI’s second feature: a dramedy about an unusual wedding where east meets west.


Kadir Balci is making his second feature film after the successful TURQUAZE, which sold 50.000 tickets in Flanders, won great critical acclaim and was selected for more than twenty international film festivals. Before embarking on his feature adventure, Kadir directed short fiction, part of a mini-series for television (180’), corporate films and a handful of documentaries, one of them dealt with Turkish import brides and was shot in Turkey and Belgium.

Dramatic comedy MARRY ME is much like TURQUAZE. MARRY ME dramatizes the cultural differences between Turkish and local Belgians, while adding a dash of comedy and romance. Kadir co-wrote with award-winning scribe Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem (MOSCOW BELGIUM, OXYGEN) who produces with Dries Phlypo.

Take Part in Chelsea Film Festival.

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