Best Director

SVA Theatre (Beatrice) – 8:15pm
Saturday, October 18th

112 min | Comedy, Drama | Turkey | 2013
US Premiere
By Aydin Bulut


After an unfortunate event involving a politically powerful man, Sibel is imprisoned for 8 years. Upon her release, she seeks out her son Rüya, who has been staying in an orphanage for 8 years. She takes her daughter and plans to go to Antalya, leaving the neighborhood she has lived in since the day she was born: Beşiktaş–but Rüya has no interest in leaving with her. Rüya fell in love with Beşiktaş while his mother was gone, and dreams of becoming a famous soccer player in Beşiktaş. Rüya also has another important goal–finding the father he had never known.

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