Katie Murphy Amphitheatre (FIT) – 12:00pm
Friday, October 16th
Short Film Corner 1

8 min | Comedy | United States | 2015
NY Premiere
By Kendall Goldberg


Bark Mitzvah is a mockumentary-style short film that follows a Jewish family as they throw an extravagant coming-of-age celebration…for their dog. Naturally, doggie drama abounds, but the family comes out stronger in the end. After all, you can’t have a Bark Mitzvah without a little bite!


Kendall Goldberg (Director) is from a very small, unknown city called Chicago. Two years ago she trekked across the country to the dangerous lands of Southern California in order to pursue a BFA in Film Production at the wonderful Chapman University.
An award-winning director at the ripe age of 20, Kendall has a diversified slate of short films and currently has a feature in production and two others in development. Her most recent short film, Bark Mitzvah, is currently in it’s festival circuit. She was hired to direct this and work with Tony-Award-winning dog trainer extraordinaire, Bill Berloni, as well as 12 dogs and a cat. In fact, working with animals is her specialty. Animals and babies. She will only make a film if it contains some sort of animal and a few babies.
That was just a joke. Not sure how it read, but at least she tried.

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