AMC Loews 34th St. – 6:30 pm
Friday, October 20th

36 STEPS ON A CURVED ROAD By Pierre St-Jacques
84 min | Drama, Thriller | Canada, USA | 2017
Out of Competition


A couple in love is a violent thing – I’m going to shape you, and you’re going to shape me. From their early beginnings to their golden years Megan and David have been under the spell of this dance. Like the tidess of the oceans pushing them around, their passions, their fears and their dreams for each other have strived to give direction to their lives and to who they ultimately become.

Megan is a driven woman who’s ambition and love of life is boundless. David is a quiet introspective man more apt to observe than to act. Each in their own way wants to write the story of their couple. A gentle nudge here, a cold rebuke there, setting the path on their curved road.

But deep within each of them lies a set of uncertainties and unspoken desire for change that they will not readily admit to. Every step of the way their lifelong discussion of who they were and who they’ve become will be touched by these undercurrents. These will whisper to them to forget, to revise how they remember the past. In effect to erase the person they once were.

How will they steer their own dreams? How will they navigate the pull from one another? A delicate balance is at the heart of 36 Steps on a Curved Road and the ultimate stake is who they truly are.


Pierre St-Jacques is a filmmaker and video artist who has shown his work at Artist’s Space in New York, the Bronx Museum of Art in New York and Real Artways in Connecticut, BRIC Gallery, Brooklyn, Metaphor Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, Klaus Center for the Arts, California, ISE Cultural Foundation, NYC, Tiffen Gallery, Ohio, and many others.

His work has been featured in the experimental film sections of the International Montreal New Cinema and New Video Festival, in Quebec, Canada, The Berlin International Directors Lounge in Germany and the Nickel Film Festival in Newfoundland, Canada.

St-Jacques has had his work featured in the New York Times, in Hyperallergic, Posit Online, New City, Chelsea Now, Art News, Heart as Arena Blog, Bronx Times, Tribeca Tribune and Projector.

He previously finished a series of five shorts entitled A Gathering of Shifts and a six-channel video installation entitled The Explorations of Dead Ends both of which where featured as solo shows at Station Independent Projects.

He loves thinking about the structure of narrative and of these little daily moments that we all experience, these glances or gestures, in which there is a connection made with another. In these moments a small door opens up into a large new world that, if only for a second, makes us glimpse as what it means to be human.

When he’s not on the lookout for little doors, he his found cooking large complicated meals or hiking to the top of some mountain somewhere on the east coast.

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